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Elizabeth DURHAM was born in 1759 / 1760 in Aysgarth and was christened on 30 Mar 1760 in Aysgarth. She died in Dec 1815 in Aysgarth and was buried on 12 Dec 1815 in Aysgarth.


Elizabeth had two illegitimate children as follows.
  1. George DURHAM was christened on 25 Dec 1781 in Aysgarth. He died in Feb 1853 in Aysgarth and was buried on 24 Feb 1853 in Aysgarth. George married Ann BLENKIRON NEE MOORE on 10 Aug 1850 in Aysgarth. Ann was born about 1785 in Garside. Banns were called between Elizabeth and James CROFT in September 1781, but they never married. However, is probable that James was the father of George.

    James CROFT was the son of James CROFT and Margaret TEMPLE. He was christened on 13 Mar 1757 in Aysgarth. On 9 January 1786 he married Elizabeth HUTCHINSON at St. Michaels Church in Spenithorne by Will Kirkbank. Elizabeth was born in February 1759. Her parents were Joseph HUTCHINSON and Eleanor MORLAND of Bellerby, who married 14 May 1758 at St. Michael's Church.

    James CROFT was a stone mason, lived in East Witton and most of his children were baptised in St. Andrew's Church. He and his family immigrated to US in 1817 leaving behind son Michael (who was married and had a family of his own) and son Joseph's eldest son, James (with the Moreland family).

  2. Marmaduke DURHAM was born in 1786/1787 in Aysgarth and was christened 25 Dec 1797 aged 11 in Aysgarth, Yorkshire, England. He died on 11 Oct 1877 and was buried on 13 Oct 1877 in St Andrew's, Aysgarth [B300]. His father is unknown. Marmaduke married Margaret ROUTH, daughter of William ROUTH and Margaret, on 12 Jan 1808 in Aysgarth. Margaret was born in 1783/1785 in Aysgarth and was christened on 16 Jan 1785 in Aysgarth. She died on 19 Nov 1869 and was buried in St Andrew's, Aysgarth [B300].


The parents of Elizabeth were Marmaduke DURHAM and Elizabeth TUNSTALL. They married on 21 Sep 1747 in Aysgarth. Marmaduke was buried on 9 Mar 1783 and Elizabeth was buried on 24 Jan 1782, both in Aysgarth.